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Max Latulippe shooting on the range

Max Latulippe wins a first title in IPSC!

Max Latulippe who joined Xmetal Targets Squad recently just won his very first title in IPSC! He won first place in the production division at the IPSC Quebec 2017 Provincial Championship. The Xmetal Targets team was convinced he had lots of potential, so we are not surprised that he wins such a distinction. We are glad he joined our team and wish him the best for the next season!

“IPSC QC Provincials is wrapped up ! Shot a very safe match, to win the 1st place in Production Division. Special thanks to my sponsor XMetal Targets for all the support !

I was using their new 9mm 147gr RN Hi-Tek bullets and they seriously kick ass !

Shout out to Yves St-Laurent from Squad X-Metal for winning the Classic Division !”

Max Latulippe, XMetal Targets Squad

Max Latulippe receiving his trophy

Trophy and medal

Yves St-Laurent wins first place in classic division

Yves St-Laurent managed to win the first place in the classic division this weekend at the IPSC Quebec 2017 Provincial Championship! Yves is shooting with our Paragon ammo, 9mm, 147gr. and joined the XMetal Targets Squad in 2016 and won multiple titles since then.

“I finally got it! The IPSC 2017 Quebec Classic Championship! A big thank you to all who supported, encouraged and followed me! A big thank you to XMetal Targets and Etienne Côté for their immense support, and to have believed in me!

Thanks to the IPSC Quebec team and the provincial organization, it was amazing, probably the most beautiful match in a long time!

See you soon at the shooting range! In the meantime, do not forget to visit the XMetal Targets website for your ammunition purchases, I would also like to take the time to congratulate Max Latulippe for hist first place in the production division.”

Yves St-Laurent, XMetal Targets Squad


Roly Miles brings gold home from Germany!

XMetal Targets Squad Member Roly Miles brings home “Gold” for Canada from the 2017 World PPC Championships in Germany!

Miles was on the mark during the 2017 World PPC champs using XMetal bullets to bring home 3 World Champion titles and winning Gold in the Distinguished Revolver event.

” It was a fantastic event with the best shooters from around the world coming together for a chance to win the World title”.

“Thanks to Etienne and his Team at XMetal Targets for listening to my requests to manufacture the best bullets profiles possible. Their 45 200gr SWC and their .38 100gr SWC “Mosquito” bullets are both World Class Match Grade bullets! Thanks for all your support”.

Roland Miles, XMetal Squad

2017 World PPC Champion - Roly Miles

Roly Miles won the first place at the 2017 PPC World championship in Germany

XMetal Targets Squad

Max Latulippe joins the XMetal Targets Squad!

XMetal Targets Squad is pleased to welcome him as a squad member. His skills and personnality drives us to believe he might be the next number one! He just won the second place overall at the Summer Slam XI and we sense he will be a fierce opponent on the IPSC scene!

Here is a short bio for Max:

“I am 30 years old, born and raised in Quebec City.  I started shooting a few years ago, but only last year I discovered IPSC and immediately fell in love with the sport. I am driven by challenge and competition, and this is the perfect place for me. I intend to train and compete at the highest level possible, seeking victories and compete on the World stage. XMetal Targets for me is not only a company that I respect for being local, but a company that I can trust to help me win competitions with reliable and accurate bullets. I am honoured to be part of team.”

Max Latulippe

XMetal Targets Squad



We are glad to welcome Amanda Fisher in the XMetal Targets Squad!

We are thrilled to welcome her in the team and are happy to share her bio so you get to know her!

“I am originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia however, I have lived and worked in Drayton Valley, Alberta for the past 12 years with my husband and 2 boys.

My shooting career is just starting and it has become my full time hobby outside of family and work. Although I have shot rifles and shotguns I was introduced to handguns in 2015 at our local range. I have always wanted to try shooting handguns and loved it immediately. Within a couple of months I bought a CZ Shadow and took my Black Badge training to start competing.
I built some of my own IPSC target stands and started practicing on weekends at my local range and attended an indoor shooting winter league in Edmonton, twice a month. I joined IPSC Alberta in fall 2015, shooting “Production Division” and entered my first qualifier event in February 2016. I started to do my own reloading in 2017 to save on expenses.

I have attended several 2016 qualifier competitions in Alberta, and competed in the 2016 Nationals in Nova Scotia. The practice and experience has taken me from a “C” class to “B” Class in Production Division in June 2017. Most recently, at our first 2017 competition matches, I was successful in being recognized as the “Top Lady Shooter” both days, over a 2 day qualifier event.
Although I am just getting started in this sport, I want to keep advancing my shooting career to be recognized as the top lady shooter provincially and nationally as well as top 20 production shooter provincially!

Thank you to XMetal for giving me an opportunity to showcase their products and be an ambassador to this sport! In June 2017, I was fortunate to be squaded with John Schneiderbanger at the Alberta IPSC Provincials. John represents the XMetal Squad from Manitoba and explained a few of the benefits of XMetal bullets as I reload. XMetal bullets uses a coating that allows the bullet to shoot faster using less powder but does not foul the barrel rifling. John also had a display of targets and explained that only solid premium AR500 steel is used for pistol and rifle targets.These are not targets with just an AR500 outer coating, so definitely XMetal products are safe and durable to shoot. I was impressed with these targets and purchased a popper to use in my practice shooting. As a beginner shooter, this sport can be an expensive so purchasing quality gear, equipment and components is a practical investment up front.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my family, friends and fellow shooters for all their support and encouragement!”

Amanda Fisher

XMetal Targets Squad

Posted by Amanda Fisher on Sunday, August 20, 2017



The Summer Slam XI was held last weekend at Restigouche Gun Club in New Brunswick. The director of the event, Trevor Furlotte, also participated and he finished 3rd in Classic division. Trevor shoots with XMetal Targets SURGEON 9mm 125gr HI-TEK bullets.

“This was my 6th Summer Slam and my 3rd as match director. This marks the second top 3 finish for me! This is the second major event that I placed top 3 in since switching to Xmetal Targets bullets! Thanks to Xmetal Targets, worrying about my ammo has become a thing of the past!”


“I had a great time at Summer Slam XI. The stages were fantastic and provided plenty of challenges! I achieved my goal of finishing in the Top 10 in Standard Division by finishing 9th overall and 2nd place Senior in Standard Division as well. It was great to see a number of the XMetal Squad members at Summer Slam XI and that the Squad did so well at the match.”

– John Schneiderbanger, member of the XMetal Squad

Great performance for Yves St-Laurent at the Summer Slam XI

“So, my 8th Summer Slam competition is in the book!! This is my best performance in a level 3 match. For this one, I did it in Classic Division with my STI Spartan 9mm. As usual, the bullet of choice was the 9mm-147gr Paragon from XMetal Targets. I finished the match in 2nd place. 12 match points, or 1%, behind the first place win by the 2016 national champion. A small mistake occur during my match and it cost me the win….We always learn!! Thanks again at XMetal Targets for their support! I’m really proud to be a part of the Xmetal Squad with this amazing group of shooters from coast to coast.

Here is the video of the match:

the famous 2 storey stage from Summer Slam!! 🙂

Posted by Yves St-Laurent on Monday, August 7, 2017


We will see you again in few weeks for the Provincial in Valcartier! Don’t forget to visit the Xmetal website at: ”

– Yves St-Laurent, member of the XMetal Squad

Summer Slam XI: win for Jeremie Dancause in Production Division

The Summer Slam was held last weekend at Restigouche Gun Club in New Brunswick. Jeremie Dancause, a XMetal Squad member, finished first in Production Division. Jeremie shoots with XMetal Targets PARAGON 9mm 147gr HI-TEK bullets. Maxime Latulippe, who also shoots with XMetal Targets bullets, finished 2nd.

Here is the video of Jeremie Dancause stage win: