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2017 IPSC Canada National Championship in Alberta

XMetal Targets is ready to show off its targets at the 2017 IPSC Canadian National Championship, that take place from July 17 to July 24 in Calgary. More than 300 competitors will have the possibility to apreciate the XMetal Targets display. During this competition, three of our ambassadors from the XMetal Squad will be playing these matches: John Schneiderbanger, Yves St-Laurent and Rémi Doucet. We wish them the best of luck!




First place for Philippe Proulx at Trois-Rivières


Congratulations Philippe!

“Once again a super great match organized by the Steel Trois-Rivières team
For my part an OK match caused by a miss on 5 to go
But overall centerfire match with and limited division win too with thw Xmetal Targets 115g“.

-Philippe Proulx

National Championship IPSC in Calgary this week


At the National IPSC from July 17 to July 24 in Calgary, the Stage 4 (Battle of Belly River) is sponsored by XMETAL TARGETS.








During this competition, three of our ambassadors will be matches.
We wish them the best of luck.

Yves St-Laurent

Rémi Doucet






John Schneiderbanger




Fantastic Sunday match for John Schneiderbanger!


“What a fantastic Sunday match we had! There was a lot of fast shooting in this 10 Stage match in 36C weather.

The guns were hot, the shooters were hot and so was the XMetal Squad! I managed a strong 4th overall finished in Standard Division.

This was an excellent warm-up match for the 2017 IPSC Canadian National Championship taking place in Calgary 17-24 July.”

-John Schneiderbanger

Check out my stage highlights’ video from the Brandon match.

Yves St-Laurent finished first in production


Saturday was the 4th game of the Xtreme 2017 league in Maska. Last game for me before National 2017 in Calgary.

The game went well, I finally feel ready for the National! I finished first in production and 5th all classes combined.

Thanks to XMetal Targets for their support. The paragon balls 9mm 147 gr are simply perfect for a “soft recoil” and an unparalleled precision!

-Yves St-Laurent

Our Ambassadors


This weekend we are watching our ambassadors.

Roly Miles is on the Winnipeg side for the PPC Provincials (July 7) and the CPCA National Championships (July 8-9).

For his part, Philippe Proulx will be in Quebec City to play a Cowboy Action Shooting match this Sunday (July 9).






Sunday, July 9, John Schneiderbanger is in Brandon, Manitoba, for an IPSC Level 2 match.

Yves St-Laurent will be at “X-TREME IPSC” at Maska on July 8.

7th place for John Schneiderbanger

“I finished 7th Overall in Standard Division in the 2017 IPSC Alberta Provincial Championship in Brooks, Alberta.

I was not just shooting against the best of the Albertan Standard Division competitors but they are also some of the Top Standard Division Competitors in Canada!!   The course of fire and competitors were tough!!

I had a XMetal Targets display set up for all 3 days during the championship match.  There was lots of interest in the XMetal targets.  People were extremely impressed with the designs of the targets and their quality.”

-John Schneiderbanger

Summer Fun 2017 FRPC, Kingston Ontario

“Last week my 6th Summer Fun at FRPC in Kingston, Ontario. I did to many mistake to achive my goal, but at least, I know on what to focus for my next practice before the National in Alberta!

My ammo for this match was a little bit too hot, I got a power factor of 136, an average speed of about 935fps. But the velocity and precision of the ammo was very consistant. Still using the “Paragon 9mm-147gr RN” from XMETAL TARGETS.

Thank you very much for their huge support ans also for their support in the IPSC sport. XMETAL TARGETS was a sponsor for the Manitoba provincial, their will be a sponsor for the National and IPSC Quebec.”

-Yves St-Laurent