About us

Who is XMetal Targets?

XMetal Targets is a prime provider of premium quality steel targets to the military, law enforcement, shooting ranges and consumers across Canada and the United States. We take great pride in designing the best steel target systems on the market so you can have more disposable time and minimize setup or down time. We offer a wide selection of steel targets for different calibers whether it is for rimfire rifles and handguns, centerfire rifles and handguns, all of them are made from premium quality abrasion resistant steel to ensure maximum durability (AR500 for centerfire and AR400 for rimfire).

At XMetal Targets, our goal is to provide our customers with steel targets that are safe, reliable and predicable so you can enjoy them when you want and know exactly what to expect every time. XMetal Targets was founded in 2013 and is the result of a three year process to develop a product line that we would gladly put against any other on the market confident that we will come up on top every single time.

XMetal Targets is a division of the XMetal Group founded back in 2000 by two brothers looking to make good use of their passion and knowledge of metal working and decided to build a small machine shop to have fun in their spare time. Fifteen years later, the company now employ more than 75 people and is specialised in high precision metal assembly manufacturing.

We strive to develop the best product for our customer’s needs using the best tools available on the market. Whether it is high-precision, high-speed CNC laser cutter or computer guided machining, we take absolutely no shortcut so that the end product is the absolute best available on the market. We are proud to have built our factory in the rural community of L’Isle-Verte in the beautiful Bas Saint-Laurent region of the province of Quebec, Canada just a few hundred feet away from our founder’s childhood home.

Our Business address:
89 Villeray Street
Quebec, Canada
G0L 1L0

Our commitment to the highest standards of quality and our continuous amelioration approach helped us to be certified by some of the world best organisations. XMetal is certified ISO 2001:2008, Canadian Welding Bureau’s CSA W47.1 and Canada’s Controlled Goods Program (CGP) allowing us to be a contractor for controlled military and military related goods and technology. This last accreditation is an extremely thorough process before being approved to work for the department of defense both in Canada and the USA. Multiple quality and confidentiality checks are mandatory ultimately we are able to bring our knowledge of the highest quality standards to our steel target systems.


Our philosophy gave us the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies on earth from Bombardier to ArcelorMittal, Alstom and SNC-Lavalin. In 2012, XMetal was proud to be a part of the London Olympic Games as we built steel parts for the elaborate opening and closing ceremonies.

Why we do it

XMetal Targets was born out of necessity, we are all shooters here and we couldn’t find a steel target system that would fulfill all our needs. Every single one we tried always had a design flaws that would either mean it wouldn’t last long enough and some were even downright dangerous. So we decided to gather all the resources and all the engineering capabilities we had accumulated over the years to start from the ground up.

Etienne Cote, our president, is an avid shooter who used to compete at a high level in the pistol category was the initiator of the project when he decided to use some leftover AR500 steel to build his own steel targets in his spare time. The first few tries were promising and we decided to dig further and develop some of the most common steel targets with the XMetal twist. The resulting targets were the best we ever shot at. The ever expanding line started to take shape and we decided to develop a standard that would allow all our clients to easily change the targets and use them on most of the XMetal Targets product, the Universal Target Locking System (UTLS) was born.

Early on we decided to go for the no weld approach for all our steel targets face plate, the reason being that AR steel has exceptional strength but if we were to weld a bracket to it, we would alter the structural integrity of the steel and soften it rendering it more prone to defects and warping. The problem was that we still had to mount our targets to a support system. We came up with the idea to mount them from the top and make sure that we keep a 20 degree downward angle.That way, most of the splatter is directed to the ground and won’t hit a bottom mounting bracket and be redirected toward the shooter. After multiple redesigns, we came up with the Head Mounted Support System (HMSS) giving us the flexibility to install different face plates while keeping our no weld approach.

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It also tackles another problem, adding a reactive element to a target system use to involve welding brackets to the back of your steel target thus again weakening the steel plate. We decided to design our support arm in a way that would allow us to mount the reactive element directly to the support arm instead of the back of the faceplate. That way, no heat is ever applied to an area a bullet might hit thus greatly extending the life of our products and ensuring our customers that they get the most out of their investment.

What we created with XMetal Targets is a line of steel targets that we are proud and made out of the best materials and engineered in a way that guarantee it’s owner that he’ll be able to shoot at the same steel target for the years to come.

XMetal Targets founders Alexandre and Etienne Côté