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5 reasons why you should attend a shooting class

By Alexandre Berdat

I’ve always been more of a self-taught type of person, that will analyse, go through trials and errors until I figure it out. But once in a while, I’ll go seek out training from firearms instructors to catch up something new that I could’ve missed. Sure enough, I always come out of it with new things to work on and new ideas.

For example, I often find myself going back to the fundamentals. I truly believe that going back to the basics is a key element in order to get better in the sport. I happened to be in Las Vegas for SHOT Show this year and wanted to take that opportunity to get some training at the same time. So, I went over to see the guys at Tactical Performance Center in St-Georges, Utah where they were offering a 3 days course strictly on handgun fundamentals. I got to relearn a couple of things about my grip and stance that instantly helped me control recoil better! In shooting, it all comes down to the fundamentals.

As an instructor, I am looking forward to showing you the best from what I’ve learned on my own as well as from all the courses I took. I strongly believe that when you can break down all of the process into smaller actions, you then have the ability to perfect it all in a way that helps you being a better shooter overall. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced shooter or one that is new to competition and shooting in general, you can always learn something new. And sometimes, these littles things add up and that is when you become not only good, but great!

So, I decided to come up with a list of 5 reasons why you should consider attending a firearms training class. There are obviously a lot more reasons, but these are just some of the main ones:

Get ouside of your comfort zone

When people go to the range, they tend to practice stuff they like because that’s what they’re good at. When you attend a class, you get tested and get to see where your failure point is. Because, like in a competition, you don’t get to choose how the stages will look like.

See things from a different angle

Sometimes the more you train, the more you feel like you are getting stucked in a plateau and can’t figure how to get out of it. Taking a class can help you see things differently from someone else’s experience. This will help you progress faster and it will follow you through your future training sessions as well.

Get an outside view of your skills

It’s hard to notice what’s wrong when you’re busy shooting. Having an instructor analyze you from head to toes, while providing instant feedbacks is key in order to apply the correct changes and step your game up.

Set new goals

Attending a class will open your eyes on what you need to work on. That will help you set new goals which will keep you motivated!

It’s fun!

Getting out to spend the day on the range while you train, learn and have a good time. What more can you ask for?


Alexandre Berdat is a Grand Master and Multi-Time National Champion in IPSC. He is a firearms instructor at the XMetal Targets Shooting Academy. But above all, he remains a student of the sport.

alexandre Berdat while competing