Contingent Program

Are you a competitive spirit? Are you as strong as XMetal Targets? Join our Contingent Program!


  • Be registered to XMetal Targets Contingent Program*
  • Show good sportsmanship both on and off the shooting fields
  • Wear a visible XMetal Targets Logo on your shirt at competitions
  • Avoid wearing attire that contains any derogatory words or images
  • Use our Projectiles or Ammunition at competitions
  • Provide proof of the results of your competition within 30 days to attain your prizes


Benefits of the program

  • Accumulative Credits on purchases from our website for any products (Set amount based on place of finish on level 2 matches and above)
  • Exposure on our web and social media pages when you provide us with valuable content

Outstanding performances from our contingent participants could also lead to an invitation to be a member of the XMetal Targets Squad, led by Alexandre Berdat Grand Master and Canadian IPSC Champion.


Contingent program credits

Level 2 Sanctioned Matches (Regional Matches)
  • Division Win: $30
Level 3 Major Matches (other than Provincials or Nationals)
  • Division Win: $100
  • Division 2nd: $75
  • Division 3rd: $50
  • Class Win**: $30
  • Category Win***: $30
Provincials Level 3 Matches
  • Division Win: $200
  • Division 2nd: $150
  • Division 3rd: $100
  • Class Win: $75
  • Category Win: $75
National Level 3 Matches
  • Division Win: $400
  • Division 2nd: $300
  • Division 3rd: $200
  • Class Win: $150
  • Category Win: $150

Must have at least 10 competitors in the Division and Class, 5 in the same Category, where eligible.

The highest level of contingency will be used (i.e. Division will be used over Class and Class will be used over Category).


How it works


Send an email to with the following:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • IPSC Black Badge number

In order to complete your registration, you need to send us a picture of your t-shirt (could be XMetal Targets t-shirt). If you want to print your own jersey, let us know as we will provide you with the Logo to put on. The Logo must be of a minimum of 6×6 inch format and appear on the front or the back of your shirt.

Know that by registering you give us permission to post photos and videos of your performances on our website and social media pages.

Redeem your prize

After each match you’ll have 30 days to email us your results with a picture of you wearing our Logo and using our product at the match. In the same email, you’ll have to inform us if you wish to redeem your credits immediately or for us to keep a running tally of them.

When you are ready to use your credits, email us and we will provide you with a coupon code to use online for your purchases. (Total winnings or a portion)

Most importantly have fun and show the world your skills!

Register Now!


* Restricted to Canada only

** GM, M, A, B, C and D

*** Junior, Lady, Senior, Super Senior