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Flying with Firearms


Summer is coming and a lot of us are already planning to travel to major matches. Some people will need to fly with their gear and it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Here’s a quick guide on how to fly with firearms. These are tips based on my previous research and personal experiences.


Check with the Airline Companies

First of all, you’ll want to check with the different Airline companies available on their politics about flying with firearms. Most of them will allow it, but some will charge you handling fees while others won’t. You should be able to find this info pretty easily on all airline companies website. As for the requirements on how they should be transported into your luggage’s, they are all pretty much the same.


Arrive early for the check-in at the airport

You never know how the Airline company is going to handle the paperwork at your check-in. So, make sure you arrive ahead of your flight to avoid any additional stress. Most of the time, the check-in goes smoothly, and you’ll be up your way in no time. But, sometimes they might not necessarily know what the actual procedure is. So, just be patient and keep smiling, they’ll eventually figure it out!


Firearms must be locked in a hard case

Luggage’s doesn’t always get handle with much care. That’s why you’ll want to lock your firearms in a good quality hard case. You can then put your locked case inside your regular suitcase with clothes and other goods. Your firearms must be unloaded and locked separately from any ammunition or magazines. Though, the empty magazines can be stuffed in the same checked luggage as the hard case and the rest of your gear.

The firearms must be unloaded and locked in a hard case. This Nanuk 910 fits both my handguns and keeps them safe!


Ammunition must be checked in a different suitcase

Most Airlines will have you check your ammunition in an additional suitcase, separate from the one with your firearms. You’ll mostly only be allowed to bring 5kg of ammo with you. Quick hint: this rule is per passenger, so if you are traveling with someone, this person could be able to bring an additional 5kg as well, as long as you are traveling together. The ammo cannot be loose in boxes nor in magazines, they need to be stored in ammo boxes that won’t accidently open. I recommend taping your ammo boxes to make sure they are secured.

Tape the boxes together and put the ammo in an additional suitcase, with the clothing.


Take extra precautions to avoid the loss of your gear

The case containing your firearms should be locked with non-TSA locks as it can only be opened under your direct supervision. You may want to take extra precaution by locking your hard case with a steel cable that goes through the frame of your suitcase, this will simply make it more difficult for someone to just walk away unnoticed with your firearms. As for the suitcase, you’ll have to lock it with a regular TSA lock.

Passing a steel cable through the frame of the suitcase and the locks of my Nanuk Hard Case.


Make sure you have the proper paperwork if traveling to a foreign country

If you travel to a competition in another country, make sure you’ve done your homework and looked at the regulations regarding firearms ownership over there. Some countries will only require you to have an official match invitation, some other will require you to fill up documents prior to your arrival there. Also, be careful if you are transiting through another country that isn’t your final destination. Even though you’re staying at the airport and don’t have access to your luggage, the security might ask you questions and this could cause you delays or worse: the seizure of your firearms. So, if possible, avoid transiting through different countries.

Documents to temporarily import my firearms and ammunition for a competition in Czech Republic.


Travel as light as possible

All of your gear will add up in weight, so try to travel as light as possible. Having a portable scale with you is mandatory if you want to avoid overweight luggage fees. I also like to use a good backpack as a carryon luggage, which will then serve me as my range bag for the competition.

Keep all of your gear together and bring only what you need.

So, it might sound like a lot, but flying with firearms is relatively painless when you follow simple guidelines. You have more tips?

– Alex

Rocky shooting range

5 reasons why you should attend a shooting class

By Alexandre Berdat

I’ve always been more of a self-taught type of person, that will analyse, go through trials and errors until I figure it out. But once in a while, I’ll go seek out training from firearms instructors to catch up something new that I could’ve missed. Sure enough, I always come out of it with new things to work on and new ideas.

For example, I often find myself going back to the fundamentals. I truly believe that going back to the basics is a key element in order to get better in the sport. I happened to be in Las Vegas for SHOT Show this year and wanted to take that opportunity to get some training at the same time. So, I went over to see the guys at Tactical Performance Center in St-Georges, Utah where they were offering a 3 days course strictly on handgun fundamentals. I got to relearn a couple of things about my grip and stance that instantly helped me control recoil better! In shooting, it all comes down to the fundamentals.

As an instructor, I am looking forward to showing you the best from what I’ve learned on my own as well as from all the courses I took. I strongly believe that when you can break down all of the process into smaller actions, you then have the ability to perfect it all in a way that helps you being a better shooter overall. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced shooter or one that is new to competition and shooting in general, you can always learn something new. And sometimes, these littles things add up and that is when you become not only good, but great!

So, I decided to come up with a list of 5 reasons why you should consider attending a firearms training class. There are obviously a lot more reasons, but these are just some of the main ones:

Get ouside of your comfort zone

When people go to the range, they tend to practice stuff they like because that’s what they’re good at. When you attend a class, you get tested and get to see where your failure point is. Because, like in a competition, you don’t get to choose how the stages will look like.

See things from a different angle

Sometimes the more you train, the more you feel like you are getting stucked in a plateau and can’t figure how to get out of it. Taking a class can help you see things differently from someone else’s experience. This will help you progress faster and it will follow you through your future training sessions as well.

Get an outside view of your skills

It’s hard to notice what’s wrong when you’re busy shooting. Having an instructor analyze you from head to toes, while providing instant feedbacks is key in order to apply the correct changes and step your game up.

Set new goals

Attending a class will open your eyes on what you need to work on. That will help you set new goals which will keep you motivated!

It’s fun!

Getting out to spend the day on the range while you train, learn and have a good time. What more can you ask for?


Alexandre Berdat is a Grand Master and Multi-Time National Champion in IPSC. He is a firearms instructor at the XMetal Targets Shooting Academy. But above all, he remains a student of the sport.

alexandre Berdat while competing

Alexandre Berdat takes gold at the 2018 Montreal Indoor Challenge!

Last weekend, Club de Tir de Montréal hosted the 12th Montreal Indoor Challenge (MIC); one of the biggest indoor match in Canada. Four of our XMetal Targets Squad members were there and all got awesome results!

Alexandre Berdat took first place in Production Division.

Maxime Latulippe took second place in Production Division.

Remi Doucet shot his first level 3 match in Standard Division and took the second place.

Yves St-Laurent took the third place in Classic Division.

Congrats guys!


alexandre Berdat while competing

Alexandre Berdat joins the XMetal Targets team

We are very proud to welcome Alexandre Berdat to our team. To get to know him better, here is a short biography:

“I started shooting in the end of 2012. What simply started out from the curiosity of knowing more about firearms handling, since I was doing a lot of martial arts at the time, quickly evolved to a passion and a desire to bring my skills to the next level.

After a couple of months, I was introduced to the practical shooting sport also known as IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) and was instantly hooked. I felt like this sport was a great opportunity to test my skills and see where my weaknesses were. This motivated me in training even more.

In the summer of 2016, I became the National champion in Production Division. But that was only the beginning. 2017 was a big year for me because I had to defend my National title which I did successfully in Alberta. I was also on the Canadian Production team for the IPSC Handgun World Shoot in France. I was able to finish 16th, the best ranking amongst the Canadian athletes over all divisions.

For me, the quest to excellence in shooting never ends. Every day when I wake up, I want to beat the guy I was yesterday.”

Alexandre Berdat

XMetal Targets

Alexandre Berdat joins the XMetal Targets team

Max Latulippe comments OPSL 2nd Ultimate Challenge

Max Latulippe won the first place in the Production division at the OPSL 2nd Ulimate challenge this weekend.

Here is what he had to say:

“We couldn’t have asked for a better week-end to shoot OPSL 2nd Ultimate Challenge than this. On top of the great temperature, the 14 badass Stages and a random guy called Eric Grauffel, we had the best Squad.

The day started for me with a Weak-Hand only stage, a Miss and few light strikes resulting in unnecessary reloads on short stages. I kept focus, fixed my gun, performed and executed on the medium/long stages and it really paid off on the long run. My day-to-day practice is coming together and I am really happy with my recent performances. Thanks to everyone who helped me get there; Alexandre Berdat, Remi Doucet, JPD, Jeremie Dancause, etc.

The Chronograph recorded an average of 897 fps (aim: 900) which is really consistent for me. I’ve been competing and practicing with the same loads, using the XMetal Targets 147g RN Hi-Tek Supercoat bullets and I couldn’t ask for a more reliable, consistent and accurate bullet. It shoots clean, and slide through my new barrel like butter. I can’t be grateful enough for the support XMetal Targets is providing me…

The summer is unfortunately already over, but those back-to-back LVL 3 Wins will promote me to Grand Wizard and is an awesome way to end the outdoor season! See you on the range!”

Max Latulippe

XMetal Squad



Philippe Proulx

This weekend was taking place the 2017 Wild Bunch Championship hosted by the Wild Turkey Posse at the Grenville Fish and Game Club in Prescott, Ontario. Our Squad member, Philippe Proulx won first place in the Modern and Traditional category as well as the only Clean Match Shooter.

Here is what Philippe (Filthy Phil) had to say:

“For this match I used the 45-200gr rnfp for my winchester 1873 in 45 colt and in my 1911 I have shot the factory XMetal Targets .45 acp ammo, and I did managed to shoot a clean match… SASS it’s a match without misses and penalty. After that long day in the heat, burning sun and sweat it’s a great feeling to pull this match off. Thanks to the guy at Wild Turkey Posse to put on this match.”

Credit Photo: Wild Turkey Posse

Max Latulippe shooting on the range

Max Latulippe wins a first title in IPSC!

Max Latulippe who joined Xmetal Targets Squad recently just won his very first title in IPSC! He won first place in the production division at the IPSC Quebec 2017 Provincial Championship. The Xmetal Targets team was convinced he had lots of potential, so we are not surprised that he wins such a distinction. We are glad he joined our team and wish him the best for the next season!

“IPSC QC Provincials is wrapped up ! Shot a very safe match, to win the 1st place in Production Division. Special thanks to my sponsor XMetal Targets for all the support !

I was using their new 9mm 147gr RN Hi-Tek bullets and they seriously kick ass !

Shout out to Yves St-Laurent from Squad X-Metal for winning the Classic Division !”

Max Latulippe, XMetal Targets Squad

Max Latulippe receiving his trophy

Trophy and medal

Yves St-Laurent wins first place in classic division

Yves St-Laurent managed to win the first place in the classic division this weekend at the IPSC Quebec 2017 Provincial Championship! Yves is shooting with our Paragon ammo, 9mm, 147gr. and joined the XMetal Targets Squad in 2016 and won multiple titles since then.

“I finally got it! The IPSC 2017 Quebec Classic Championship! A big thank you to all who supported, encouraged and followed me! A big thank you to XMetal Targets and Etienne Côté for their immense support, and to have believed in me!

Thanks to the IPSC Quebec team and the provincial organization, it was amazing, probably the most beautiful match in a long time!

See you soon at the shooting range! In the meantime, do not forget to visit the XMetal Targets website for your ammunition purchases, I would also like to take the time to congratulate Max Latulippe for hist first place in the production division.”

Yves St-Laurent, XMetal Targets Squad


Roly Miles brings gold home from Germany!

XMetal Targets Squad Member Roly Miles brings home “Gold” for Canada from the 2017 World PPC Championships in Germany!

Miles was on the mark during the 2017 World PPC champs using XMetal bullets to bring home 3 World Champion titles and winning Gold in the Distinguished Revolver event.

” It was a fantastic event with the best shooters from around the world coming together for a chance to win the World title”.

“Thanks to Etienne and his Team at XMetal Targets for listening to my requests to manufacture the best bullets profiles possible. Their 45 200gr SWC and their .38 100gr SWC “Mosquito” bullets are both World Class Match Grade bullets! Thanks for all your support”.

Roland Miles, XMetal Squad

2017 World PPC Champion - Roly Miles

Roly Miles won the first place at the 2017 PPC World championship in Germany

XMetal Targets Squad

Max Latulippe joins the XMetal Targets Squad!

XMetal Targets Squad is pleased to welcome him as a squad member. His skills and personnality drives us to believe he might be the next number one! He just won the second place overall at the Summer Slam XI and we sense he will be a fierce opponent on the IPSC scene!

Here is a short bio for Max:

“I am 30 years old, born and raised in Quebec City.  I started shooting a few years ago, but only last year I discovered IPSC and immediately fell in love with the sport. I am driven by challenge and competition, and this is the perfect place for me. I intend to train and compete at the highest level possible, seeking victories and compete on the World stage. XMetal Targets for me is not only a company that I respect for being local, but a company that I can trust to help me win competitions with reliable and accurate bullets. I am honoured to be part of team.”

Max Latulippe

XMetal Targets Squad