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Stakes Series Steel Targets, simple and effective training


We are introducing our new STAKES SERIES of steel targets to our lineup of products. These steel targets are extremely simple to use and setup as you only have to stab them to the ground to be ready. They provide good training and they are tough thanks to premium quality AR500 steel that they are made of. As you can see in the video below, you can setup a short range or in this case a long range in a matter of minutes and have multiple shooting options.

The Stakes Series features multiple sizes and shapes from classic round and square shapes to IPSC torso, Poppers and Pepper Poppers and a line on Hunting targets featuring classic animal silhouettes with or without reactive elements. We at XMetal Targets always want to simplify the life of the shooters, these targets are a good example. Setting a range as never been so easy, less setup time, more lead down the range, simple equation.

In the video below, we shot at  a 24” Classic Round (XTC-048) and a 24” Classic Square (XTC-052) at a distance of 1000 meters using a .338 Lapua rifle and the AR500 steel held perfectly.



The Stakes Series Steel Targets are available here


XMetal Targets Steel Targets rimfire

Introducing the Rimfire Steel Targets from XMetal Targets

Here at XMetal Targets our main focus is always trying to offer what our clients wants. A lot of you wanted to see our steel targets in action so here you have our first action video. We are introducing part of our line up of AR400 Rimfire Reactive Steel Targets. These targets are made from high quality 1/4” AR400 steel and is built with the same patented technologies that we use for our Centerfire line up.

Technologies like XMetal Targets UTLS (Universal Target Locking System) that lets you install or remove the reactive paddles easily with no tools or the HMSS (Head Mounted Support System) that hangs the targets from the top on the Hostage+2 combo, again without tools in a matter of seconds. By hanging our targets by the top, we prevent unwanted splatters from hitting a bottom mounting bracket or bolt and redirecting them towards the shooters.

See them in action.

At XMetal Targets, we always want to create steel targets that will help simplify the life of shooter while still offering a fun training experience. The XMetal Targets rimfire lineup is built exactly around that principle, simple, effective, tough and lightweight steel targets that you can shoot at all day long without breaking the bank.

Look out for more in the coming weeks as we will post more action videos of our various steel targets systems.

Shoot safe

XMetal Targets Steel Targets

Inspired design for unparalleled performance

Here at XMetal Targets, we are working hard to be able to show you our amazing line of steel targets as soon as we can but we also want to take the time with our designers to build the best products on the market. The creation process for every single XMetal Targets steel target is the same;

We first sit down our entire design team to brainstorm which model we should develop and in what order should we develop them. Next we lay out the main constraints and common problems we face when using these types of steel targets. That way, before even having started working on a model we have a series of flaws singled out for every project so we can avoidthem. Then it is onto the first draft of 3D models so we can analyse if we could improve on the design. Sometimes a single steel target system can have up to five or six redesigns to make sure that every single constraint or problem is eliminated and that the product we will offer our clients is the very best we can manufacture.

Then comes the fun part for us, before approving a design for production, there are multiple testing sessions where we use and abuse our product to see how they would fare under different situations. That means, all the firepower we have, different types of ammo, etc. Thousands of rounds will hit every target to make sure it is safe to use, durable and reliable enough to be called a XMetal Target.

This rigorous process was developed to ensure that any product that bears the name XMetal Targets in the absolute best quality available.

With each product, we make a pledge to our customers that what they are getting is worthy of their trust and we will not compromise our relationship at any cost.


XMetal Targets Logo

Finally unveiling the XMetal Targets line of product

We are really proud to finally be able to unveil our new line of steel targets intended for the serious shooter out there. We took the time needed to develop what we consider to be the best, most thoroughly engineered and strongest target system available today.


What sets us apart?
We are only using the finest certified 500+ Brinell AR500 armor steel grade available to be able to provide you with a safe, reliable and predictable shooting experience. We’ve develop a no weld system for our entire center fire steel targets lineup to be able to provide you with a no HAZ (heat affected zone) faceplate for all our center fire targets.

Because welding brackets to the back of any steel target faceplate will always create a small but crucial heat affected zone, and with AR500 steel, heat is the enemy. Heat will soften the steel making it prone to cratering and thus rendering your faceplate dangerous if not unusable. Our support system gives you the flexibility of adding multiple attachments and faceplates directly on the support rather than on the target for maximum durability.

We made sure to study the splatter pattern on every single XMetal Targets system to ensure that they are not only the safest on the market, but also stand the test of time. We dedicated considerable time to making sure that we have reinforced all the areas that are hit by splatter. That means that your investment is protected and will be able to withstand your daily use and abuse for the years to come.

More products will be unveiled in the coming weeks so stay tuned to XMetal Targets to see what we have in store for you.