Our XMetal Targets Rimfire NRA Falling Plates Series are made out of premium quality AR400 Steel. Built for .22 rimfire ammunitions at a minimum of 10 yards.

Dimensions: 4.78”H X 3.78”W

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The XMetal Targets Rimfire NRA Animal Silhouette Falling Plates Series are as simple as it gets but who said things needed to be complicated to be effective? Built at 1/5 the size of the full size NRA Animal Silhouettes, they are excellent for training at short distance with your .22 caliber handgun or rifle at a minimum of 10 yards. The best part is that it gives you immediate feedback if you hit with its distinctive sound and movement. Made of premium quality 1/4″ AR400 armor steel. Proper positioning and distance from the steel target is crucial for safety.

Dimensions: 4.78”H X 3.78”W

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Dimensions 4 × 5 × 2 in