Paragon 9mm Rounds 147 Gr. Hi-Tek


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The best remanufactured ammunition you can get!

  • Industrial grade manufacturing.
  • The bullet casing is fully resized from the bottom, so the shape is flawless and looks brand new.
  • All our ammunition production is hand inspected and case gauge tested to ensure proper dimensions and flawless chambering in your firearm.
  • The consistency and accuracy of our ammunition is ensured by rigorous testing. It’s also tested and used by IPSC shooters from XMetal Targets shooting squad.

** Every customer must provide A COPY OF THEIR PAL (possession and acquisition licence) to purchase THIS PRODUCT **

Paragon 9mm 147gr Hi-tek

Paragon 9mm 147gr Hi-tek

Weight 33 lbs
Quantity (rounds)

10000-in-bulk, 5000-in-bulk, 1000-in-bulk