Portable Target Tripod Standard


Lightweight and portable steel target stand using the HMSS system and adjustable from 36″ to 60″ in height meaning that you’ll be able to use any XMetal Targets static faceplates.

Dimensions: Closed: 47.44” X 19.03” X 7.66”

Available on backorder

Our affordable XMetal Targets lightweight steel target tripod is design to be the most portable HMSS support we have to offer while still being compatible with any of our HMSS faceplates. Its compact size is ideal for any action course or simply to bring with you in the trunk of the car to and from the range. It can be adjusted from a height of 36″ to 60″ to be able to fit a full size IPSC torso steel target. The three legs are made of a sturdy 3/8″ thick steel plate to be able to withstand splatter or an accidental hit and are designed to offer a stable base and great durability. Lightweight, affordable yet extremely versatile the XMetal Targets Tripod is the perfect addition to a steel targets collection and allows you to bring your target with you wherever you go.

*Always make sure to adjust the target height to cover the center bracket to make sure it doesn’t get hit directly. It is built to withstand an accidental hit but multiple hits can cause permanent damage. Proper positioning of the base and distance from the target are crucial for safety.

Dimensions: Closed: 47.44” X 19.03” X 7.66”

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 15 × 3 in