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Two great Canadian companies, Nanuk and XMetal Targets, teamed up to offer you this great promo. This package includes the Nanuk 909 case with lifetime warranty for optimal protection of your firearms together with 1000 rounds of Handyman 9mm 124gr Hi-Tek ammunition. Limited offer and subject to available stock.

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Protect your pistol. Custom designed foam interior fits many popular pistols sizes along with space for two magazines.


Exterior Dimensions: L12.64″ x W9.0″ x H4.38″ / L321mm x W229mm x H111mm

Interior Dimensions: L11.44″ x W7.0″ x H3.68″ / L291mm x W178mm x H93mm

Weight (with foam): 2.44 lbs

Color: Graphite


List of Compatible Pistols*

1911 Colt Classic Variants, 1911 All Brands Variants, Beretta 90 Variants, CZ 75 Variants, CZ SHADOW 1 and 2, Canik SFX / SA, FNH FNS Variants, Grand Power XTRIM, Grand Power Excalibur, H&K USP Variants, Magnum Research MR9, Ruger P85,89,90,91,92,93,94, Ruger American Pistol, Ruger SR11, Smith&Wesson MP Series Variants, SIG SAUER P226 Variants, P220 Variants, P227 Variants, P228 Variants, P229 Variants, P225 Variants, P238 Variants, P239 Variants, 1911 Variants, P320 Variants, Spring­eld Armory XD Variants, Spring­eld Armory 1911, Tanfoglio Force 22, Tanfoglio Combat, Tanfoglio Stock 1 & 2,3,Buzz, Tanfoglio Match


*May accomodate other models.



Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 6 in

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