Rimfire Reactive Hunting Target Hare


XMetal Targets Rimfire Reactive Hunting Targets are made out of premium quality AR400 Steel with customs reactive elements to represent the vital area of the different animals. Built for .22 rimfire weapons only at a minimum distance of 10 meters.

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XMetal Targets wanted to do something for the hunters so we developed a line of animal silhouettes with reactive elements representing the vitals. Simple and extremely durable, the XMetal Targets hunting targets are a fun and effective training tool. Available in two different animals for rimfire, they are excellent for training at short distance with your .22 handgun as well as long distance shooting with any good .22LR rifle up to 100 meters. The best part is that it gives you immediate feedback if you hit with its distinctive sound and movement. Made entirely of premium quality 1/4″ AR400 armor steel. Proper positioning of the base and distance from the target is crucial for safety.

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 4 in