Rimfire Plate rack


XMetal Targets AR400 Rimfire Plate Rack with six reactive paddles. For interactive training and competitive fun. Built for .22 rimfire handguns and rifles.

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Our Xmetal Targets Rimfire Plate Rack is a fun and easy to use tool for honing your shooting skills. Built out of premium quality ¼’’ thick AR400, it is built to withstand impacts from rimfire ammunitions. Lightweight, easy to setup, it is the perfect tool for your training. Our simple reset system will allow you to shoot more bullets instead of having to go down the course to reset the targets. Our Rimfire plate rack is suitable for .22 handgun and rifle ammunition at a minimum of 10 yards. The targets are easy to remove or replace with our patent pending UTLS system. Proper positioning of the base and distance from the target is crucial for safety.

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 23 × 4 in