Rimfire HMSS Target Support


Rimfire HMSS Steel Target easy to setup with no tools with our HMSS system (patent pending) that puts the steel target at a 20 degree downward angle to deflect splatters to the ground. Allow for and quick turnover of any course.  Built only for .22 rimfire firearms.

Dimensions when installed: 37.6”H X 18.8”W X 21.2”

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The XMetal Targets Rimfire HMSS steel target support is designed to provide you with an effective system to increase range efficiency by reducing the setup time to a minimum. Extremely affordable, having multiple rimfire steel targets for a single range is now available at a low cost. Based on the centerfire HMSS system, the steel targets are mounted to the support using a AR400 locking pin that is easy to use and universal to every HMSS XMetal Targets Rimfire steel targets.  This system is extremely versatile and is the perfect addition to any shooting range. Suitable for .22 rimfire ammunition only, at a distance of at least 10 yards.

Dimensions when installed: 37.6”H X 18.8”W X 21.2”

Weight 18.4 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 15 × 3 in