IPSC Advanced Fundamentals And Movements

This 2-Day class covers the fundamentals of IPSC. It is taught by IPSC Grand Master and 3x Canadian Champion Alexandre Berdat. You’ll learn how to apply principles that will help you perform at your next competitions.

This course is best suited if:

  • You are motivated but don’t know where to start in order to improve
  • You want to do great in competitions
  • You’ve reached a plateau and want to step up

Topics covered in this course:

  • Stance and Grip
  • Draws and Reloads
  • Transitions
  • Concept of “Accuracy at Speed”
  • Movements of Practical Shooting
  • Incorporating Dryfire to your training
  • And more!


  • Have a valid PAL
  • Have completed the Black Badge course or have a Holster Safety Course equivalent
  • Be a member of a gun range in Canada
  • Competition rig and gear
  • A minimum of 800 rounds

This class is limited to 8-10 students depending on range space. See calendar or contact us for more details