Max Latulippe shooting on the range

Max Latulippe wins a first title in IPSC!

Max Latulippe who joined Xmetal Targets Squad recently just won his very first title in IPSC! He won first place in the production division at the IPSC Quebec 2017 Provincial Championship. The Xmetal Targets team was convinced he had lots of potential, so we are not surprised that he wins such a distinction. We are glad he joined our team and wish him the best for the next season!

“IPSC QC Provincials is wrapped up ! Shot a very safe match, to win the 1st place in Production Division. Special thanks to my sponsor XMetal Targets for all the support !

I was using their new 9mm 147gr RN Hi-Tek bullets and they seriously kick ass !

Shout out to Yves St-Laurent from Squad X-Metal for winning the Classic Division !”

Max Latulippe, XMetal Targets Squad

Max Latulippe receiving his trophy

Trophy and medal

Yves St-Laurent wins first place in classic division

Yves St-Laurent managed to win the first place in the classic division this weekend at the IPSC Quebec 2017 Provincial Championship! Yves is shooting with our Paragon ammo, 9mm, 147gr. and joined the XMetal Targets Squad in 2016 and won multiple titles since then.

“I finally got it! The IPSC 2017 Quebec Classic Championship! A big thank you to all who supported, encouraged and followed me! A big thank you to XMetal Targets and Etienne Côté for their immense support, and to have believed in me!

Thanks to the IPSC Quebec team and the provincial organization, it was amazing, probably the most beautiful match in a long time!

See you soon at the shooting range! In the meantime, do not forget to visit the XMetal Targets website for your ammunition purchases, I would also like to take the time to congratulate Max Latulippe for hist first place in the production division.”

Yves St-Laurent, XMetal Targets Squad


National Championship IPSC in Calgary this week


At the National IPSC from July 17 to July 24 in Calgary, the Stage 4 (Battle of Belly River) is sponsored by XMETAL TARGETS.








During this competition, three of our ambassadors will be matches.
We wish them the best of luck.

Yves St-Laurent

Rémi Doucet






John Schneiderbanger




Summer Fun 2017 FRPC, Kingston Ontario

“Last week my 6th Summer Fun at FRPC in Kingston, Ontario. I did to many mistake to achive my goal, but at least, I know on what to focus for my next practice before the National in Alberta!

My ammo for this match was a little bit too hot, I got a power factor of 136, an average speed of about 935fps. But the velocity and precision of the ammo was very consistant. Still using the “Paragon 9mm-147gr RN” from XMETAL TARGETS.

Thank you very much for their huge support ans also for their support in the IPSC sport. XMETAL TARGETS was a sponsor for the Manitoba provincial, their will be a sponsor for the National and IPSC Quebec.”

-Yves St-Laurent