Philippe Proulx

This weekend was taking place the 2017 Wild Bunch Championship hosted by the Wild Turkey Posse at the Grenville Fish and Game Club in Prescott, Ontario. Our Squad member, Philippe Proulx won first place in the Modern and Traditional category as well as the only Clean Match Shooter.

Here is what Philippe (Filthy Phil) had to say:

“For this match I used the 45-200gr rnfp for my winchester 1873 in 45 colt and in my 1911 I have shot the factory XMetal Targets .45 acp ammo, and I did managed to shoot a clean match… SASS it’s a match without misses and penalty. After that long day in the heat, burning sun and sweat it’s a great feeling to pull this match off. Thanks to the guy at Wild Turkey Posse to put on this match.”

Credit Photo: Wild Turkey Posse

Max Latulippe shooting on the range

Max Latulippe wins a first title in IPSC!

Max Latulippe who joined Xmetal Targets Squad recently just won his very first title in IPSC! He won first place in the production division at the IPSC Quebec 2017 Provincial Championship. The Xmetal Targets team was convinced he had lots of potential, so we are not surprised that he wins such a distinction. We are glad he joined our team and wish him the best for the next season!

“IPSC QC Provincials is wrapped up ! Shot a very safe match, to win the 1st place in Production Division. Special thanks to my sponsor XMetal Targets for all the support !

I was using their new 9mm 147gr RN Hi-Tek bullets and they seriously kick ass !

Shout out to Yves St-Laurent from Squad X-Metal for winning the Classic Division !”

Max Latulippe, XMetal Targets Squad

Max Latulippe receiving his trophy

National record for Roly Miles

Roland Miles established a national record setting match targets during the Ontario Provincial champs. Here is the link to the World Association 1500 ranking lists for Revolver and Semi Auto: We can now say that XMetal Targets Mosquito bullet is used and endorsed by the #1 ranked World Association PPC shooter!


XMetal Targets introduced to IDPA in Manitoba

XMetal Targets introduced to International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) in Manitoba. John Schneiderbanger, member of the XMetal Squad said: “I had a great opportunity to meet a new group of IDPA shooters. There was keen interest in the Hi-Tek Supercoat bullets that I was using, 9mm 147gr FN, with my CZ P-07 Duty 9mm. My reloads with the 147gr Hi-Tek bullets worked flawlessly and were extremely accurate. The FTS Hostage + 2/3 IPSC + 2 target was also on display and many of the competitors checked it out. For IDPA, the FTS Hostage series of targets would be outstanding for training use!”

What is International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)? IDPA is the use of practical equipment including full charge service ammunition to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios using practical handguns and holsters that are suitable for self-defense use. The main goal is to test the skill and ability of an individual. As such, your pistol and magazines must be concealed with a vest, jacket, etc. As well, targets must be engaged in tactical priority meaning greatest threat first which could mean first target you see and / or closest target is engaged first followed by the other targets in tactical / threat priority. Furthermore, you must shoot and reload from cover and not while in the open unless you are moving and shooting at the same time. Every stage provides a different scenario and series of challenges testing your skills and abilities to shoot and assess the situation / scenario.

Can Firearms Review

Hey Guy!

CanFirearmsReview made another great video about our 2/3 FTS targets. Great quality and professional video as always from CFR.
Go check it out, it explains everything you have to know or any question you may have about our target. Thanks for watching and don’t hesitate to contact us is you have any question left about the 2/3.