Max Latulippe comments OPSL 2nd Ultimate Challenge

Max Latulippe won the first place in the Production division at the OPSL 2nd Ulimate challenge this weekend.

Here is what he had to say:

“We couldn’t have asked for a better week-end to shoot OPSL 2nd Ultimate Challenge than this. On top of the great temperature, the 14 badass Stages and a random guy called Eric Grauffel, we had the best Squad.

The day started for me with a Weak-Hand only stage, a Miss and few light strikes resulting in unnecessary reloads on short stages. I kept focus, fixed my gun, performed and executed on the medium/long stages and it really paid off on the long run. My day-to-day practice is coming together and I am really happy with my recent performances. Thanks to everyone who helped me get there; Alexandre Berdat, Remi Doucet, JPD, Jeremie Dancause, etc.

The Chronograph recorded an average of 897 fps (aim: 900) which is really consistent for me. I’ve been competing and practicing with the same loads, using the XMetal Targets 147g RN Hi-Tek Supercoat bullets and I couldn’t ask for a more reliable, consistent and accurate bullet. It shoots clean, and slide through my new barrel like butter. I can’t be grateful enough for the support XMetal Targets is providing me…

The summer is unfortunately already over, but those back-to-back LVL 3 Wins will promote me to Grand Wizard and is an awesome way to end the outdoor season! See you on the range!”

Max Latulippe

XMetal Squad



Summer Slam XI: win for Jeremie Dancause in Production Division

The Summer Slam was held last weekend at Restigouche Gun Club in New Brunswick. Jeremie Dancause, a XMetal Squad member, finished first in Production Division. Jeremie shoots with XMetal Targets PARAGON 9mm 147gr HI-TEK bullets. Maxime Latulippe, who also shoots with XMetal Targets bullets, finished 2nd.

Here is the video of Jeremie Dancause stage win:



Summer Fun 2017 FRPC, Kingston Ontario

“Last week my 6th Summer Fun at FRPC in Kingston, Ontario. I did to many mistake to achive my goal, but at least, I know on what to focus for my next practice before the National in Alberta!

My ammo for this match was a little bit too hot, I got a power factor of 136, an average speed of about 935fps. But the velocity and precision of the ammo was very consistant. Still using the “Paragon 9mm-147gr RN” from XMETAL TARGETS.

Thank you very much for their huge support ans also for their support in the IPSC sport. XMETAL TARGETS was a sponsor for the Manitoba provincial, their will be a sponsor for the National and IPSC Quebec.”

-Yves St-Laurent



First Place for Yves St-Laurent at the Lennoxville shooting club

Last weekend was the 4th match at Lennoxville shooting club. The match went good for Yves St-Laurent, from the XMetal Squad, with a 1st place in production. “Now I’m using the bullet XMetal Targets PARAGON 9mm-147gr HiTek. Those products are so accurate and constant that push the limits of the reloading bullet. Thank you to XMetal Targets for their support, visit them and order the product directly online at

Congratulations Yves!