Philippe Proulx

This weekend was taking place the 2017 Wild Bunch Championship hosted by the Wild Turkey Posse at the Grenville Fish and Game Club in Prescott, Ontario. Our Squad member, Philippe Proulx won first place in the Modern and Traditional category as well as the only Clean Match Shooter.

Here is what Philippe (Filthy Phil) had to say:

“For this match I used the 45-200gr rnfp for my winchester 1873 in 45 colt and in my 1911 I have shot the factory XMetal Targets .45 acp ammo, and I did managed to shoot a clean match… SASS it’s a match without misses and penalty. After that long day in the heat, burning sun and sweat it’s a great feeling to pull this match off. Thanks to the guy at Wild Turkey Posse to put on this match.”

Credit Photo: Wild Turkey Posse


This weekend we paid a quick visit to the Wild Bunch cowboys in Greenville.

WBAS is similar to traditional SASS, but there is some notable difference like,the utilisation
of Colt 1911 45 acp and the 12 gauge shoot gun model 1897.

Le WBAS is a fast and dynamic game, not to forget the western period costume and general atmosphere. Amazing atmosphere and event!
Thanks you for your warm welcome!

Here some pictures

wbas 2 wbas 1 wbas 3